Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lookaround 2: pathos to surround Senator Kennedy's death

My heart goes out to Senator Kennedy and his loved ones.

And yet, I must work to keep perspective ... as the MSM and the Dems will use Sen. Kennedy's illness as an excuse to lionize liberal ideology. It's appropriate to celebrate Senator Kennedy's lifetime love of, and devotion to, liberalism. It's inappropriate to slander conservatives in the process.

But, slander they will - gleefully - b/c they have a free pass from media: any liberal ideological push will be tolerated(such as at Sen. Paul Wellstone's 2004 funeral service); any conservative pushback will - properly so - be criticized. The Democratic Party will orchestrate a propaganda event disguised as a memorial service. The media will gleefully disseminate. Dems will say Senator Kennedy would've wanted it that way, and - who knows - they might be correct!

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