Monday, September 01, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin's talent and judgment

That Sen. McCain knew about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy - and the political risk which comes with it - and selected Gov. Palin anyway is, I think, a comment on Gov. Palin’s talent. It is an argument against Gov. Palin being a less than capable affirmative action selection.

If Sen. McCain was selecting his VP largely b/c he wanted a woman, he could’ve selected Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, amongst other women candidates. Sen. Hutchinson is vetted, gracious, tough, politically skilled, and winsome. Sen. Hutchinson would’ve brought no risks to the ticket. Sen. Hutchinson is a national political veteran who would’ve been unlikely to verbally stumble during a tough campaign.

Gov. Palin clearly does bring risks in terms of her national inexperience and her daughter’s pregnancy. Innate talent and good judgment - not affirmative action - seem to me the reasons Sen. McCain chose to face those risks.

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