Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barack cluelessly negotiates with terrorists: receives corpses in exchange for live terrorist leader

Unbelievably clueless.

Story: Five British engineers kidnapped in Iraq in 2007. Kidnappers demand their three leaders be released from American custody. Pres. Bush refuses, saying "The U.S. does not negotiate with terrorists."

Side note: in March 2008, Barack falsely claimed GWB attacked him via saying he - Barack - would negotiate with terrorists. Politically, Barack needed a personalized fight with GWB, and chose this ground. Barack huffed that he would never negotiate with terrorists.

Return to story: With President Bush in Dallas, President Barack agrees to exchange one of the terrorist leaders for the five British engineers. President Barack releases the terrorist leader and receives ... the corpses of two British engineers, plus a demand for the two other terrorist leaders to be released.

Barack Obama:
  • strategic idiot;
  • sap;
  • man w/o knowledge of how the real world works;
  • man whose EVERY SINGLE PROMISE comes with an expiration date. EVERY. SINGLE. PROMISE... is a promise for today only. Tomorrow is a new day, and who can expect - on the morrow - a man to keep his promises from yesterday?

Ed Morrissey
Andy McCarthy
John Podheretz, writing in March 2008, on the Campaign kerfuffle

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