Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Carrie Underwood. Californicating Oklahoma. Coincidence?

Never thought of Carrie as sexy ... until this photo. Look closely at her focus and intensity. Then look at her perfect balance in her batting stance. Instant turn-on! She needs the weight on her back foot shifted and balanced a bit more forward towards the pitcher, and she needs to relax her hands(see tensed muscles on forearm). We can work on that. She is obviously willing.

Now, look at that guy in background holding the bat. Why is he not watching Carrie? Why is he not noticing her intensity and her perfect balance in her batting stance? Why is he not noticing she is about to unleash her hips? He is obviously gay. No other explanation. This type observation is watcha call yer "gaydar" in action.

In general, Oklahomans like sports, like to compete and win, and like softball. Carrie embodies all the above, and it's attractive and sexy. Tony Romo picked the wrong girl. He should crawl on broken glass to get Carrie back. They could wear their ballcaps backwards together. In bed.

Now, consider wholesome and virtuous Oklahoma values: church, family, healthy competition, ballcaps in bed. Then ask yourself if the following represents coincidence, or trend:

Sacramento Bee:
…From 2004 through 2007, about 275,000 Californians left the Golden State for the old Dust Bowl states of Oklahoma and Texas, twice the number that left those two states for California, recent Internal Revenue Service figures show. In fact, the mid-South gained more residents from California during those four years than either Oregon, Nevada or Arizona. The trend continued into 2008.

As a result, it’s easy to find Californians – even former Sacramentans – living and working in Oklahoma City, a capital of the American heartland.

h/t to, and partial stolen headline from, Michelle Malkin

photo h/t to
UniWatch and Hollywood Tuna

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