Saturday, June 20, 2009

People are dying in Iran: cold blooded murder (Updated)

Update 2
Richard Fernandez:
All the people you see on the video, for however long they live, will remember where they were this day. Whatever happens outwardly the old Iranian regime can never put things back together in quite the same way again because the interior landscape of the country has changed.

Update 1: "The following letter from an Iranian student was received by The Jerusalem Post via a professor at a leading American university with close ties to Iran": link. Excerpt:
"Girls are extremely active in all these rallies (a little less in night riots where patches of young men are more visible). They courageously charge anti-riot police, chant slogans in front of them, lead the crowd, etc., but they are equally beaten too. The police seem to have no limit in the use of force. They are disproportionately violent. They don't use fire weapons, but they don't go easy on you with their clubs. They literally beat up protesters to death if they don't get rescued by fellow protesters or somehow break away and run.

The level of brutality is exceptional, but it is amazing to see how people stand up to them."
Concluding words:
"It's all about people telling each other where to gather next time, pledge to show up and keep their promise. There is a spirit of fraternity, determination, resistance, courage, solidarity and generosity that no words can describe. I thank God to have seen this in my lifetime, and I wouldn't trade it for the world."

Quoting, from memory, a recollection of WWII from a veteran of the Easy Company "Band of Brothers" parachute company which fought around Bastogne, and also around the Ardennes Forest:
Furthest from your mind is any thought of falling back. In fact, such thought does not exist. So, you dig your hole. Deep. And you wait.


Hot Air has a long post with links, including war zone quality footage of a young Iranian woman who is shot directly in the chest and is dead within a minute or two. It's disturbing. It's graphic. It could not be more graphic. It's cold blooded murder.

This is a moment of peril. A tipping point. The issue is still in doubt, yet the unarmed protesters look like a bigger threat to the regime than they looked like yesterday. The protesters are coming out today, unarmed, to face the hired goon squads and to possibly die. That is powerful, and puts the regime at actual risk. Some regime goon squads have allegedly been brought in from outside Iran - from Hezbollah, especially - to bolster the good squads already in place. It is reported the Iranian regime has been planning and strategizing to counter this type of Orange Revolution internal threat for years. That is bad news for the protesters' life and health. God be with the Iranian people.

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Paul Gordon said...

The first time a policeman raised his riot stick and stalked towards a protester, expecting him to run as usual, but the protester just stood there and looked back at him, and it was the policeman that backed down and walked away, was probably the start of a fire that has taken on a life of its' own.

The biggest problem with being an oppressor depending on fear, is "GOD HELP YOU" if they ever STOP being afraid of you.

Yes, the security forces are reacting, but it's awfully hard to stuff the djinni back into the bottle; ain't it?