Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baseball: Colored Sanitary Socks

Uni Watch links some photoshops of what colored sanitary socks would look like: American League; National League.

Astros consistently wear solid colored jerseys on the road. Colored sanitary socks balance out a solid colored jersey.

If a uniform has a colorful and contrasting cap bill, or a colorful and contrasting number on the breast, then colored sanitary socks generally look good, and ought be worn.

The Orioles are the clearest example of a uniform in need of colored sanitary socks. Orange socks would not only match the cap bills and the uniform lettering, but would allude to fiery plumage.

Similarly, the Tigers ought have orange sanitary socks which faintly allude to the coloring of tigers.

Astros two tone sanitary socks: sweet.
Cardinals: navy sanitary socks coordinate with navy belt and navy cap.

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