Sunday, June 28, 2009

John Daly's Pants

Link to photos. h/t UniWatch. The bottom half of the UniWatch post is a descrip of the U.S. Open. B/c it includes numerous digital photos which give a sense of the vibe at the U.S. Open, I therefore enjoyed the UniWatch descrip more than the Sports Illustrated descrip.

To John Daly's pants. On the one hand, I do like several versions of Daly pants:

Gold Flowers
Green Flowers
Green and Gold Checkerboard
Both Houndstooth versions - both the white and the gold.

On the other hand, excepting the houndstooth (which I think are a classic and classy look), what does it say about me that I like the wild flowerydy(s/b a word) pants? Does it say I am unserious, and a not fully developed adult? Does it say I am a fully developed adult who knows how to enjoy a lark on the golf course? Is it all about narcissism and "look at me"ism? Is it all about anti-fashion(?), i.e.
to heck with fashion, I'll wear any danged thing I want to: wearing these pants shows how much I do not care about clothing, which is so much not caring that I would golf naked if only they would still send the beer girl around - or if only I could find my old wineskin and fill it with Coors Light and sling it onto my back.
Does it say I must be part English, or part of any culture in which men don skirts or knickers or frou frou clothing and still somehow attract their wives into bed? Do those same wives "close their eyes and think of Britain" because thinking of Britain is much easier than closing eyes and thinking of what their husbands wore that day? Which is still easier to think about than American wives' burdens of naked husbands stalking golf courses toting ancient Coors Light-filled wineskins?

(*) Don't know what those poor wives are thinking, and don't know what flowerydy pants would say about me, so I guess I won't be wearing flowerydy pants until I do know, which will probably be never, unless I somehow start reading about fashion and come to understand it, which will probably be never, unless the person teaching me about fashion happens to be a languidly curvy woman(which is every woman, if you know what to look for), in which case she can teach me about anything, and I will be fascinated and will actually learn whatever she is teaching me, b/c thats just the way I roll. So, there is a chance I will someday become educated about fashion - after which, depending on what is learned, I either will or will not wear flowerydy pants.

Side Note: in real life conversation, I realize I rarely use the word "pants", and instead say "trousers" most of the time. "Trousers" have some dignity. Those flowerydy things, therefore, are pants.

*Don't you really enjoy, once in a while, composing long and rambling run-on sentences? I do. About as often as I get a craving for asparagus - which is a few to several times per year - about that often I also sort of CRAVE the composition of a delicious run-on sentence. Tasty.

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