Monday, June 15, 2009

"Created or Saved" = Fresh Manure

i.e. soft, pungent of arugula, attractive to flies. Watch your step.

Something else to watch out for:

If you think the government is capable of running health care effectively, watch the five minutes of this video all the way through to the end. The Inspector General squirms, squirms, she evades, she throws out some 10 cent words, she insinuates - via facial/body language and tone of voice - that U.S. Representative Grayson doesn't understand the responsibilities of the Office of Inspector General. I am in sales. I have watched many people be evasive. I was, watching the video, rooting for the U.S. Representative to be on top of things, to notice the witness was evading and dodging him, and to notice the witness was trying to b/s him and even bully him. I thought she was going to get off the hook, then BOOM(!): the U.S. Representative was on top of things, and the witness' incompetence was clearly revealed. Kick derierre!

There's at least one Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives: Alan Grayson - representing the 8th District of Florida (Orlando), and God bless him - who takes his oversight responsibility seriously, and who does not use his power merely to grandstand and score political points against the opposition party, and who recognizes horse manure when it is being shoveled at him, and who is not intimidated by a bureaucratic poseur.

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