Friday, June 05, 2009

Natalie Suliman, Nigella Lawson

23 year old, 5'8" Brit Natalie Suliman is stunningly beautiful. Yet, I want to point something out: allure is in the eyes, and somewhat in the face - in the sense that the face reveals a seemingly happy and well adjusted person, and not an embittered, angry person.

If we didn't sense something alluring behind Ms. Suliman's eyes, we would look at her and go "Wow, she's really pretty, and ... whatever." She would be like cotton candy: quickly melted away and forgotten.

Yet, she is not easily forgotten. It is her eyes, and it is the seeming happiness and lack of bitterness in her face. The girl is touched by God.  I don't want to deny that.  Yet, it takes a bit more to be memorable.

Do you sense anger, or bitterness, in Nigella Lawson's face?  I would bet Nigella has a healthy temper.  Healthy.  Passionate.  Expressive.  But not bitter.

What do you sense behind her eyes? Joie de vivre! An appreciation of enjoyment and pleasure. I like Nigella a lot.  Nigella:
This is terrible to say, but: if I were to go out to dinner with a man who ... didn't look like he enjoyed his food, I would know: this is never gonna happen for me.
Notice, also, Nigella Lawson knocks the block off of every other female in this post.  She's pictured amidst five beautiful and more youthful girls.   But Nigella exudes a life force which knocks the five beautiful girls to the ground.  Nigella knows how to live.  Maybe, as the five beautiful girls mature, they will acquire some of the grown woman mojo which shoots off of Nigella Lawson.

Happy Slip (in yellow) and girl friends: made up, hair fluffed, dressed attractively. Still, their best assets are unembittered faces which indicate well adjusted and happy persons.

Notice the third girl from the left, with the purse strap slung over her shoulder. She is probably a knockout. She is probably about as attractive as any woman would ever hope to be. However, she doesn't really knock the viewer for a loop, and that is because we cannot see her eyes very well. If we saw a photo which well captured her eyes, she would likely be not easily forgotten.

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