Friday, June 26, 2009


This is an interesting photo.

For me, the mostly hidden body and mostly available face focus attention on the humanity of the girl, and encourage meditation on who she really is: her brain, her opinions and her personality, her heart beating behind her breast, her soul. Her hopes and her fears. Her loves, her desires. Her human strengths and weaknesses. Though the photo is provocative, for me, the removal of most of the body equates to the removal of a distraction. I am left to wonder about the person.

Or, if I focus on the sliver of her body: I wonder at God's artistry. It is magnificent. The curvature. Her calf. Her ankle. Takes my breath away. Makes me want to grab paper and pen and curve languid lines. Which I just did, with a good pen on the back of an envelope. And it felt GOOD.

Her body is positioned as a mountain range, with blue sky behind and blue lake in front. The mountains reflect off of the lake. This, also, calls attention to the artistry of our Creator: of the female body, of mountains, of sky, of the mirror lake. The wonder of it all.


Artistic curvature:


And don't forget the shoulder, the deltoid, the clavicle.

Knocks me out.

via Rocio Ponce

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