Saturday, June 20, 2009

Texas Rangers' Scott Feldman is pitching his rear end off

Feldman's sinking fastball has maybe the best movement in baseball. It is his calling card.

His second best pitch is a slider he throws down and away to RH hitters.

His third pitch is a cut fastball he throws up and into the hands of LH hitters.

His fourth pitch is a slow curve which he will throw about 6-8 times per game - always keeping it low, where it cannot hurt him - sometimes getting it low in the zone for strikes. Hitters who are watching out for the slider are typically famfloozled by pace of the slow curve, and swing through it for strike three. Feldman uses this as a change of pace strike out pitch.

He shows a four seam fastball up and in to RH hitters. He usu throws this pitch just out of the strike zone. It touches 94, which is faster than Feldman has ever thrown in his career. He has gained the speed through physical maturity and through raising his arm slot from sidearm to 3/4.

He shows a change-up a few times a game - usually down and out of the zone - just to give hitters something else to think about.

Scott Feldman is pitching his rear end off.

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