Saturday, June 06, 2009

Some Repub politicians have lost their nerve; Palin hasn't

Some Republicans are so [mentally] shocked they jump at any moderately-loud noise. They're spooked. Their nerves are shot. [...]  They hear [disagreement] of any kind, and they jump to the ground and extend their hands over their heads in prone surrender.

These people need to realize their nerves are shot and that they are no longer suitable [for politics].

Sarah Palin is not spooked. This audio is the first time - since she has been liberated from the McCain operatives - I've listened to her make remarks about philosophy of governing. I've no idea what her political fortunes will be. I can say this: she is unafraid. If that sinks her: so be it, it's part of what I love about her. Her media understanding may remain nascent, yet her understanding of how to govern human beings is dead on target. She is a stud of a human being and a stud of a governor. 

Democrats, both in Alaska and in the lower 48, want to eliminate her political legitimacy: via any method, at any cost.  It looked like they might have damaged her via the Saturday Night Live/she's stupid advertising campaign.  Yet, she now seems to have weathered it - which is only fair, b/c Sarah Palin is smart.  It's fantasy to believe her accomplishments have largely been due to luck and happenstance.  

If Governor Palin is politically damaged by media and big money efforts, Repubs have outstanding contenders available:


just to name a few. There are more.  Rumors of Repubs' death have been greatly exaggerated.  Wolverines!

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