Saturday, March 27, 2010

Anecdotes from a Memorial Service

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I am one of what are, I guess, thousands of people who enjoyed Tom's company. I knew Tom for a bit, years ago.

Tom's friend spoke of Tom's pedal-to-the-metal style of going through life: If he'd been a Toyota, they'd of recalled him. If he'd been at this funeral service, he'd of already walked out, cause he couldn't sit still this long.

Tom counseled a young criminal defense attorney about the three types of criminal clients:

Tom: Here's the deal. First, you got your mean ones. They are going away for a long time, and it's not your fault, and don't ever think it is.

Then you got your idiots. They sit in the courtroom, and see everything that happens there, and it doesn't affect them. They walk out, and they remain idiots.

Young lawyer: How can you talk like that about your clients?

Tom: You didn't let me finish: Be nice to the idiots, because they'll be back! They're a great source of return business. Always be nice to the idiots.

Then you've got your decent people. They are just like you or me: they know right from wrong. They've just had a moment where they made a regrettable decision. These are the people you will lose sleep over. They're going to receive a penalty. Try to help them learn something from their experience, so they will never have to have that experience again.

About a year after Tom joined his church, and after 3 sessions of attending a bible study class, Tom told his pastor he was dropping out of the bible study.

Pastor: Why?
Tom: I feel like a hypocrite. On any particular Friday, you might find me at the country club, drinking Scotch, 3 sheets to the wind.
Pastor: Are you telling me you notice no difference in your life since you joined our church?
Tom: No no! Before I joined this church, you could find me at the country club and 3 sheets to the wind every night!

Tom married up. His wife, Marilyn, is seriously beautiful; also sweet, smart, and tough in that southern woman way in which - if you will only take a moment to pay attention to what is behind the eyes - you recognize the woman is tough as nails.

Tom's friend told of Tom driving him to Tom's house for the first time:

Tom: You've never met my wife, have you?
Friend: No.
Tom: Well, when you meet her, you're going to ask yourself: How did SHE end up with HIM? ... Here's the deal: we don't know, and we don't ask!

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