Monday, March 01, 2010

Two gay guys comment on figure skating dresses

Bitchy fun:
Why do the women's costumes all do weird things around the boobs? Why can't the men's costumes do the same thing with the ass area? That would be an instance where we could get behind illusion netting.

Read it all.

h/t Althouse, whose husband shot relaxing video of groomed cross country ski trails at Blue Mounds State Park.

I've been to that state park, to tour Cave of the Mounds with Youngest Nephew (aka the gun owner, sports uniform designer, baseball champ, and fearsome rock chunker and Iran liberator) and his elementary school class. Aren't Youngest Nephew and I fancy to have been there?

When we visited Blue Mounds State Park, the weather was gorgeous. I'm good luck for Wisconsin weather. The one time I've been there when the weather was bad, the weather was actually good and fun. The other times I've been there - even if the forecast was bad - my arrival coincided with surprising good weather. Wisconsin should adopt me as the official State of Wisconsin Weather Good Luck Charm.

Returning to gay men: if you like Hamlet, then you, especially, will appreciate the value of having a sassy gay friend

Speaking of Hamlet: I love Shakespeare's Hamlet, via Facebook News Feed, by Sarah Schmelling. Try this link. Or this link.

And, skimming through Althouse, was reminded of May 2008, when I caucused for Hillary. A funny night hangin with Dems, and maybe the best vote I've ever cast. If Hillary were President, her foreign policy would not be angering and frightening our allies in such ... dramatic ... fashion. Hillary would have ruthless instinct for protecting and defending the U.S.A. Kudos, Hillary.


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