Thursday, March 04, 2010

The dog is home!

Still sick, lethargic, taking antibiotics and anti nausea medication, but well enough to be home. Awesome!


Southern Brother said...

I have always been somewhat confused, or just never interested in researching Hoss's heritage...the lady just told us "he's a stock dog..thats his mother, and thats his father.." Now after a bit of research, after reading your eulogy on Chaffie and what wikipedia said about healers...I now know hoss's father was a full blood Austrailian Kelpie...his mother was 1/2 Blue Healer and 1/2 Border Collie...when you read the definition of's Hoss to a 'T'..."I am a dog, always wanted to be a dog, I like being outside...I am a DOG!"

gcotharn said...

Wow! Hoss' markings are exactly Kelpie markings. I've looked up Kelpie info in several places. Hoss is maybe 10-15 pounds heavier than a pure Kelpie - likely due to his Heeler and Border Collie roots. He's feeling A LOT better after taking his latest course of medicine: getting back to normal - except he doesn't like his traditional brand of dog food anymore. Weird, huh?