Saturday, March 27, 2010

Have the Dems once asked, of the right: "Why are they mad at us?"

Rush Limbaugh:
An interesting e-mail, this is a great point from a subscriber to
"When we have a terrorist attack, the Democrats always ask, 'What did we do to provoke it? Why do they hate us?' Have you heard, any of them, ask the same for something they've imposed on us? Have you heard the Democrats once ask, 'Why are they mad at us? We need to understand their rage!' We have to understand the rage of people who killed 3,000 Americans in terrorist incidents. We're told, 'We have to understand the people in this country, minorities and whoever else, unhappy with whatever. We gotta understand their rage. We have to expect it. We have to allow for it.' Well, how come the anger that we feel, the Democrats aren't interested in understanding? Why do they not ask, 'Why are they so mad?'"
The answer is because they know.

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