Monday, March 15, 2010

Democrats position Death Star within firing range of Alderaan

Had to have that headline! Stole it from, who are firing out the Rahm Emmanuel rumors.

Free association blogging (is there any other kind?):

Bill Whittle says the character Ari Gold - the Hollywood agent on HBO's Entourage - is based on a real agent: Ari Emmanuel, i.e. Rahm Emmanuel's brother! Too funny. Actor Jeremy Piven speaks about Ari Gold and Ari Emmanuel.

I've watched my first ever episodes of Entourage - about 6 episodes on Spike TV on Sunday nights. I like the show, but have trouble getting into the show b/c I strongly dislike the actor character around whom most of the action swirls. I suspect the actor character displays personality traits which I recognize in myself and which I detest in myself. There is no other explanation for my visceral dislike of this character. My 6 episode opinion: he is yuck.

Love the Ari character; love the Johnny Drama character: Victory!

Ahem: language warning. Take cover.

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