Monday, March 08, 2010

What's interesting about Massa

If Massa is gone, it means Pelosi needs to find 2 fewer votes in order to pass the legislation. Massa gone is a big deal for Pelosi.

Since we can't yet know (if ever) the truth or falsity of the harassment allegation against Massa, therefore the interesting thing at this moment is that Pelosi and Emmanuel - via the hardball/bribery/threat tactics they've used on their own members - have made themselves vulnerable to an allegation such as Massa is now making. We know Massa's allegation could be true because we've seen the way Pelosi and Emmanuel operate. Pelosi and Emmanuel have made themselves vulnerable, and we are not quick to dismiss or immediately discount Massa's allegation. It would be ironic if Massa is guilty of blatant sexual harassment and yet still inflicts damage on a vulnerable Pelosi and Emmanuel. And, if Massa is guilty and yet is playing hardball: what is different about Massa's political hardball vs. Pelosi/Emmanuel's political hardball? If we do not condemn Pelosi/Emmanuel for their tactics, is it fair to condemn Massa for his tactics?

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