Friday, March 19, 2010

This is a moment

In our national situation, i.e. as the left tries for the massive government grab/takeover of a huge piece of our economy and our nation, and as the right pushes back ... I judge this situation as Gene the head of Mission Control judged the situation in the movie "Apollo 13″: "I believe this is going to be our finest hour."

I am optimistic; almost eager. The left has been shoving the nation backward for over half a century. The nation is now digging our heels into the dirt. Think of the movie “300″, when the initial Persian attack took place at the Hot Gates: the Persian attackers slammed into 300 Spartans, shoving the Spartans into a 300 man backward slide on the dirt… until the Spartans, digging in their heels, finally quelled the slide and brought the Persian momentum to a dead halt … whereupon the Spartans began decimating the Persian attackers.

This is where our nation is now: we are 300 Spartans digging in our heels, and we have just … about … stopped the unstoppable leftist momentum, and we are just about to begin decimating a political left which has been shoving us backwards for 70 years. I am fired up! THIS is a moment to savor! America is 300 Spartans, the worldwide left is the Persian armies, and the rest of the world is Greece. The world will watch us stand against leftism and for freedom, and the world will be inspired to do the same. This is a moment. Just as surely as Reagan saying “evil empire”, and walking out of Reykjavik, and saying “tear down this wall”, and in the end prevailing: this is a moment when we dig in our heels, begin to decimate the enemy, and in the end prevail. Wolverines!

William A. Jacobsen:
Regardless of [healthcare] outcome, these have been some of our finest hours.

From the Tea Parties which sprang to life last April, to the townhalls over the summer, to the voters in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, tens of millions of Americans have done their best to stop this power grab.

Republicans in Congress also deserve credit. Against insurmountable numerical odds, they have stuck together and thereby forced Democrats to confront their own divisions.

Republicans from Eric Cantor to John Boehner to Paul Ryan to Mitch McConnell to John McCain to Scott Brown have given voice to the reality that Obamacare is not about health care, it is about government control over our lives accomplished through budget gimmicks which mask the truth that we cannot afford what Obama is selling.

The nation made an historic error in November 2008. Now we are dealing with the consequences.


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