Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Walking an old dog, part 2

Update 4: the dog is home! Still sick, is lethargic, is taking anti biotics and anti nausea medication, but is well enough to come home. Awesome.

Update 3: the dog is not out of the woods, yet looks to be doing a bit better. Hooray!

Update 2: When the dog is sick, one doesn't feel like blogging new posts.

And, just like that: Hoss is sick with pancreatitis. Because we caught it early, there's a strong chance he will recover from it. We should know in 2-3 days. I'll update as appropriate

The sun is low. I'm standing atop a small hill in a park, hitting three 4 iron shots towards our vehicle, after which the dog and I will go home. I normally hit one shot and move on. The walks are more about exercise; less about golf. However, I've swung poorly today, therefore am deploying all golf balls in a last ditch attempt to take a couple of good swings on this day.

There's a little car which is parked only 25 yards behind me. Marijuana smoke wafts from the slightly cracked window. A woman is in the driver's seat, probably another person is in the car - I don't want to stare too hard. I wouldn't have come this close, except I need this flat spot atop this hill as a launching pad for 4 irons.

Suddenly, I hear a bit of yelling. The woman is emerging from the car and is yelling at a terrier which is now on the ground and headed towards Hoss. She fears dog hostility ... which, thankfully, does not happen ... and how could it(?): the terrier is mellowed out on second-hand marijuana smoke! The terrier is exactly like Cheech Marin: Hey, black dog which is 5 times my size! Howya doin, buddy? I'm feelin kinda groovy, heh heh.

Hoss, these days, is a very polite. The dogs hang out for a bit. Buttocks are sniffed. Tails slowly wag.

I walk after my 4 iron shots. I did not hit them particularly well, but maybe did hit them a bit better. Especially the second shot: maybe I shifted weight to the left side more effectively. Hoss dutifully follows along. End of the day.

Cheech Marin demonstrates advanced caddying:


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