Monday, March 22, 2010

Remember the ObAlamo!

This thing is not implemented yet.

I'm now going to do what is commonly called "talkin out his [backside]." Luckily, I have this blog for just such occasions.

The internet changes everything. Thus, we're playing by new rules: truth gets out; opposition gets organized. New rules. Think of the Dems as Dan Rather in 2004. Think of this current bill as a Rathergate forgery rife with illogical aspects. Think of state attorneys general as bloggers with tight OODA Loops.

This thing is not implemented yet.


Webutante said...

You're right. It's far, far from over, Greg. Still I'm allowing myself a little time to grieve--- not just for this healthcare monstrosity but also---for how far, far, far out of control our federal government has become.

gcotharn said...

I'm in the 3rd stage of grief: totally chuffed.