Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crazed Texas Rangers fan watches Spring Training

Update: can't believe I forgot the Ron Washington stuff!

First reaction: This explains some of the wacky in-game decisions!
Second reaction: The man doesn't, at this point, deserve to lose his job.
Third reaction: this actually pulls the team together into more of a tight knit group. Having some adversity to overcome is good for any team in any sport.

If Ron Washington transgresses in future, then: he is gone, a new manager steps in seamlessly, and the team remains more tightly knit than before. This sounds crazy, but, regardless of whether or not Ron Washington transgresses in future: the entire situation is a positive in the clubhouse and on the field.

Further: is this necessarily a negative for the franchise's relationship with fans? At first, I said "definitely a negative". But, now, I'm not so sure. Might this help fans bond with the franchise? Sounds crazy, but I not sure of anything at this point. We fans are fanatics.


I'm the crazed fan. I'm watching the game, and nature calls, except Julio Borbon is at bat, and he's really an interesting batter to watch ... and he hits a 2 hop grounder straight at SS, except the SS must have thought Andrus was stealing, b/c he's over by 2B and is not at SS. Borbon's grounder doesn't come anywhere near making it to the wall, and he gets ... a double!? That's correct: routine grounder to SS = Double.

Distracted during Michael Young's 2 pitch AB.

Nature still calls, yet Josh Hamilton is coming to bat, and must be watched, b/c he might go Mickey Mantle on you at any time - as in the last AB where he perfectly squared up on a FB and sent it 450 feet into right center field crowd.

Nature still calls, yet Vlad is coming up, and must be watched, b/c he might go Vlad on you at any time.

Nature still calls, yet Nelson Cruz is coming up, and must be watched, b/c he has leveled out his loopy-ish swing, and ... I know this sounds blasphemous ... but his swing now looks more like Manny Ramirez' swing than anyone I've ever seen who wasn't named Manny Ramirez. Cruz hits his second HR of the evening. The thing about Nelson Cruz, and another reason he must be watched: no one - NO ONE - not even Nelson Cruz, knows how good he might eventually become. He put up very good AAA stats in 2007. In 2008, Nelson Cruz put up Babe Ruth quality AAA stats. He exploded. He put up Ted Williams wins the Triple Crown type of stats. And ... now... how good might he become? I don't know how far his improvement will go: it might not go much further. However: 2009 was not the best Nelson Cruz will do in his career. 2009 was the beginning. There is more better to come.

Nature still calls, yet Chris Davis is coming to bat, and must be watched, b/c he is trying to reclaim his career after a disastrous 2009, and he is the hottest hitter in Arizona, and he LACED a line drive to left center in his last AB.

Nature still calls, yet Jarrod Saltalamacchia is coming to bat, and must be watched, b/c his major league hitting has been disappointing in past seasons, and: is he improved? He doubles off the wall, so that's a good sign.

Nature still calls, and is getting more insistent, yet Joaquin Arias is coming to bat, and must be watched, b/c: can he make the team? And he works a 5 pitch walk. He's an impatient hitter, and a BB is the best possible outcome for his AB.

Nature still calls, and Elvis Andrus is coming to bat ... and ... I've seen Elvis hit before. I'm outta here!


Mark said...

You should try adult diapers. You will never miss an at bat again.

gcotharn said...

Heh. It's a measure of my mania that I, for an unstoppable moment during which I could not shut down my brain, seriously considered the logistics of this.