Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Hot: Snow Venus


Photo courtesy Conneran family

A snowlady that Maria Conneran (pictured) and her family sculpted in front of their Rahway home.


In Fort Worth, winter is over. We now have warm days (60-70 degrees) and chill nights (35ish to 50ish). We will have more cold weather, yet will term it a "cold snap", and it will go away as quickly as it arrives. All gardeners will begin speculating on when the final night time freeze will occur.

You would think this weather is bliss. And it is. For another day or two, or several. Then: allergy season will begin, and my suffering will begin. In the presence of gorgeous weather: many of us will suffer. In many ways, in this location, I like the winter best. Especially Nov and Dec. There are no allergy problems during those months.


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