Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Victoria Jackson: There's a Communist Living in the White House


h/t Big Hollywood

Ms. Jackson's lyrics remind of something I wrote regarding a poll question result from Britain's The Economist, i.e.
"85% tea partiers believe Obama is a socialist compared to 60% Republicans and 34% of all Americans."

I wrote:

As much as being a comment on Obama, this poll question result is a comment on definition of socialism. Tea Parties are about small government, decreased spending, tax cuts. A group which is heavily focused on limited government has a more easily accessible line of demarcation for "socialism", than groups which are not heavily focused on limited government.

Some of the poll result IS about Obama himself: his grandparents were Marxists, his mother was Marxist, his father was Marxist, his stepfather was Marxist, his surrogate father - Frank Marshall Davis - was Marxist, Barack Obama was openly Marxist while in college, Rev. Wright (i.e. the replacement surrogate father) is Marxist, Black Liberation Theology is Marxist, William Ayers is Marxist, Alice Palmer is Marxist, early days Obama was one of the few political candidates to be involved with and supported by the Marxist "New Party".

Smoke. Fire. Suspicion of socialist sympathies is not unreasonable -- including in light of Barack's 2001 radio interview* criticizing the Warren Court for interpreting the Constitution as strictly being a document of "negative liberties" which restrict government, as opposed to the Constitution saying (in Obama's preferred formulation) "what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf."


The left does freak out at mention of either "socialism" or "communism" (though "communism" does make Victoria Jackson's song more fun). Because fair dissenting arguments can be made about proper definitions of socialism and communism, and b/c there is no need to bog a conversation down in such esoterica, therefore it's maybe best to moderate the use of "socialism" and "communism" as characterizations. Mary Katherine Ham has a point (summarizing from memory): I don't call people Socialists, b/c that is too incendiary. I call them scary statists. If someone wants to contest the legitimacy of the characterization "scary statists": that someone is forced to address the issues; is not able to hijack an issue conversation into a vocabulary conversation.

I do argue that "Marxist" is an accurate characterization of Barack Obama and of those who have historically surrounded him. At Occidental College, Barack Obama was proudly and openly Marxist. Marxism is characterized by

1. a belief that history is characterized by the struggle between social classes
2. a critique of capitalism in which the bourgeoisie dominate the proletariat
3. advocacy of proletariat revolution (now represented by advocacy of a political correctness which will weaken and create the collapse of American culture and society).

The above is an accurate description of Barack Obama's worldview re "redistributing income". The proletariat revolution (#3) will occur as the dispossessed demand their "rights"; as the bourgeoisie reject their prior view of the dispossessed as "the other", and embrace a view of the dispossessed as fellow human beings who have been historically oppressed by the guilty bourgeoisie (even if that oppression were unconscious, the bourgeoisie are guilty).

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