Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Barack's bow: w e a k

Barack's bow was not the biggest thing in the world. It also was not so much about U.S. - Saudi relations as it was about all observers in the Middle East and elsewhere who watched and formed this impression: weak. We promote democracy and we bow to a King?

I suspect Barack just did it on the spur of the moment, even maybe catching himself mid-bow "Uh oh, I think I better straighten up".

Conservatives look at Barack and see someone who doesn't fully get what makes America great. Barack would not faux pas over the symbolism of a black man bowing to a white man; would understand the symbolism of a woman bowing to a man; yet lightly forgets the blood which has been shed - is being shed at this very moment - so an American need not bow to anyone's King? It's not that Barack doesn't understand the symbolism. It is, rather, the symbolism appears further down his priority list (so far down that he momentarily forgot about it) than it would have been for almost any other POTUS in history. Even writing this, I notice myself becoming angry about the apparent casualness regarding American sacrifice and principle.

It's not that the bow will have any immediate practical effect. It is, rather, sort of like a filthy bathroom in a restaurant: what ELSE about America's greatness is Barack casual about? If Barack doesn't understand - deep in his bones - what makes America great, what principles is Barack basing his decisions upon?


Webutante said...

At the very least and kindest, Greg, Barack seems naive beyond belief. And of course, our country was naive to elect such a feckless head of the free world.

But I sense that Obama has a greater problem and that's a messiah complex: He really thinks he's the one the world has been waiting for to bring down walls, and defenses and bring disarmament to the world. He's the one that will inspire all rogue nations to lay down their nukes and nuclear aspirations. This is hubris beyond naivete. This is arrogance.

I can only imagine that our enemies are licking their chops at his Neville Chamberlain pronouncements. He is putting our country in such danger.

gcotharn said...

I agree re messiah. He's quite the narcissist.

Sometimes it's difficult to tell when he's being ... um ... clumsily unwise, and when he's being deliberately obscure. When in doubt, I always favor the simplest answer: clumsy and unwise.

Did you see neoneocon's post about Barack's college poem about Frank Marshall Davis?

She speculates Barack's poem alludes to having been molested by Davis. Speculation, only. Yet, if it happened, it might partly explain why Barack has spent decades hiding himself, being a blank slate, never revealing his true self. Barack hides his true self to an unnatural, obsessive extent. I've often been struck by it.

gcotharn said...

I also agree re "hubris beyond naivete", and "danger".

Webutante said...

Very interesting stuff; I had indeed missed Neo's post which you linked to. Thanks.

Whatever the realities of his childhood, Obama the "adult" gives me great pause.