Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bo Knows Swimming; Dallas Tea Party; Baghdad Bob; Gagdad Bob

Dallas Tea Party, Cathy of Innocent Bystanders:

Dave in Texas found a budding Michelle Malkin at Dallas Tea Party:

She's got Malkin's impatient disgust down pat! Looks like she's impatiently, disgustedly tapping her foot: I can't believe I have to put up with these radical statists running the U.S. Government!

Budding Michelle Malkin reminds of something Gaghad Bob wrote yesterday. But, first, Bob wrote some awesome stuff about repentance = measuring the gap:
it is quite difficult to convert the errant person by simply pointing out his errors, for this only triggers the defensiveness, the "no," that lends him his false being. Think of a-theists. They define themselves by their opposition to God. Without God, what would they be? The "hole" at the center of their being would be exposed, so they would merely be a-holes.

Notice that Jesus rarely argued. Rather, he only offered. "Here it is. Take it or leave it." Thus, HvB says that the errant person is only "cured of his ways" by truly seeing the ideal, and then feeling repentance for his failure to live up to it. You might say that repentance is the measure of the gap between what we are and who we need to be. Which is why we never stop repenting, for we can never be God. And this, of course, is why no one repents more than the saint.
Then he wrote about misplaced spiritual drive, which "I place my hope in the return of the real Messiah" reminded me of:
the structure of a political perversion is really no different than the structure of a sexual one. For example, I remember a patient who had a lifetime shoe fetish. I won't bore you or gross you out with the details, but the point is that he had a sex drive, just like anyone else, except that it had become focused on a dysfunctional end: shoes instead of.

Now, we all have a "spiritual drive." That much is certain. But just like the sex drive, it can be derailed from its true end -- which can only be God -- and focused on other things. This, I believe, is perhaps the "universal key" that opens all forms of leftism, which are otherwise so impenetrable to reason.

To cite the most obvious example, look at the wave of messianic energy Obama rode in on. Does any truly religious person see him as anything more than a cipher for the projection of the misplaced spiritual energy of the left?

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