Saturday, April 18, 2009

Praying for Poop: things are looking up

From William's grandmother:
Little William (LW) is doing much better. He now takes over an ounce at each feeding and actually cried at 2 hrs. to let his mommy know that he was hungry. This is a great sign since he has been so lethargic. His parents now feel that little William is on the road to recovery.
Big William is a Dr., and LW's mother is a Nurse. So, if the parents believe he is doing better, then they hopefully have a solid basis for believing that, and I am definitely encouraged .
Thank you everyone who prayed for "Poop" because it worked. His digestive track seems to be on schedule now. Furthermore, he is maintaining his body temperature. After they check his bilirubin today, and if it is OK, he will probably go home late tonight or tomorrow.
So, if you prayed for poop, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed the exercise as much as I did. My praying had become overly significant and somber. It needed some poop.

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