Saturday, April 04, 2009

Best analysis of Palin Derangement Syndrome

by Morgan Freeberg. Read it all. Excerpt of Reason 1:
In playing to the weak, wallflower women who don’t want to distinguish themselves in any way, feminism has become an advocacy group for those who lack appeal. With time, it has become an advocacy group for those women who work at not having any appeal. And I’m not talking sex appeal. I mean, being ready to engage in dialogues instead of monologues; talking to people in some way other than as a cross stepmother; motivating your man to come home instead of go out somewhere else, when he’s in the mood for some sex; acting like that’s important to you. We’ve seen the incremental rise of a counterculture of females who are in a great hurry not to have any appeal to anyone else, or to be beholden to anyone else — except other females who don’t have any appeal to anyone else and aren’t beholden to anyone else. They’re a grown-up version of those chubby goth chicks you knew in high school who didn’t know how to behave in public, didn’t care to learn ... and kept to their own at all times. Most of our female politicians seem to think that’s their constituency. This is a sensitive paradigm, and the prospect of shifting it makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

h/t 1: Van Der Leun
there's something about Palin that scares a lot of people across the political spectrum silly. Very silly and very scared. Why? She's an outlier; a wild card in the normally stacked political deck. [...] Palin's got what most politicians cannot hope to match -- real American values, innate intelligence, and beauty.

h/t 2: Ace
Now, the best way of handling this ... is to shame the MSM into stopping such personal attacks on a politician, and especially stop personal attacks on his or her family.

But I know ... that shaming these people will not work. They are shameless. They don't feel guilty about these ugly assaults; they feel pride, convinced they are doing the right thing.

Couple observations:

Morgan Freeberg is a dadgum genius.  There's more interesting stuff at his link.

They mostly dislike Palin b/c she doesn't have "D" after her name.

Van der Leun is correct:  Palin is an outlier.  She has nothing to hide, is beholden to no one, is brave and brazen enough to say almost any danged thing, and is smart enough to score some direct hits with what she says.  This makes her terrifying: the established political class uniformly pee their pants.  Their sneering disdainfulness only comes later, after they've changed into fresh pants and ingested a soothing cocktail.  

We've already seen champions of feminism overtly wringing hands over
How can a woman with small children be President?
We will soon enough see champions of feminism wringing hands over
How can a menopausal woman be allowed access to the nuclear trigger?
Which, ya know, I would be a bit worried myself, were I, say: Paris, France. Luckily, our nukes are not targeted at Fuzzy's Taco Shop, therefore I can giggle all night about a menopausal POTUS w/nukes at her disposal.

If there's a brain cell in the Pentagon, we've got at least a few somethin somethins targeting the Left Bank.  Ann Coulter, in possibly her greatest essay ever:
The Bush doctrine is: We are at war not only with the terrorists, but also with those who harbor them.

We've got to attack France.

Update: Best choice to play Governor Palin in the movie? Angie Harmon.

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