Friday, April 03, 2009

The radical opposite of all dead things

That's an unknown swinging chick, then my youngest nephew and youngest niece: up on the snow mound, down at the beach, fully alive.  Click both pics and study the facial expressions.

Black Hockey Jesus:
"Later, I took Jackson (9) to soccer practice, put Lucy (4) on a swing, and sat on a bench to read. Lucy screamed, “The wind, Daddy! The wind! It feels so nice. It’s nice in my vagina!” I looked at my daughter. She appeared to me in this context as the radical opposite of all dead things."

Youngest niece and her cousin, aka my niece-in-law, aka the greatest girl football player in America, outside the American Girl store in Chicago. I don't know who gave the greatest girl football player in America a doll, but I'm kinda pissed about it.  Look how she stands with one foot lightly balanced against the wall.  Ath - a - lete.

And: Happy Birthday to Oldest Nephew!

When Oldest Nephew was Only Nephew, he used to wake up and immediately jump out of bed and head into the hallway, just looking for what good thing was about to happen that day. Inspiring. Must be helpful with girls.

More people fully alive: a heartbreaker, and then ... just watch

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