Friday, April 17, 2009

Crowd at Chicago Tea Party directs scorn at CNN's Roesgen

An instructive moment.


I first noticed crowd scorn for media at the 2008 Repub National Convention.  I saw and heard milling crowds spontaneously group to express scorn for CNN, and for NBC, and more than once.

Madison, Wisconsin Tea Party:

Above are the grounds on one side of the Wisconsin State Capitol, in Madison.*   WHO KNEW there were 5000 deeep undercover small government conservatives in my beloved semi communist enclave of Madison, WI? I certainly did not. I doubt even these conservatives knew.  They were, previously, deep undercover even from themselves. The above is a photo of 5000 of the most shocked small government conservatives in America. Previous to this Tea Party, they never knew they existed.

Friday hotness at the Houston Tea Party: a couple of women the Dept. of Homeland Security thinks might be terrorists (along with returning military personnel):  Melissa Clouthier (L) and Kathleen McKinley (R), aka Right Wing Sparkle.

Look how bitter and angry they are. Bitterness and anger virtually shoots off them.

Melissa Clouthier, further aiding our Friday hotness requirement, (God Bless Her!) posts this from Houston:

"Jane Galt, it turns out, is hot."

Quite. Yet, is that true hotness, or just another bitter and angry potential terrorist hiding her identity behind shades and faux hotness?  If she's part of a terror cell, it's our patriotic duty to infiltrate.

BTW, the Chicago CNN reporter:  Susan Roesgen, is pretty much the instant partisan media hack of the year.  She cannot believe Americans have the temerity to protest against government spending; she cannot believe a Chicago housewife is an unaffiliated independent citizen.  Two hacklarious moments from Roesgen:  1)  "This is not a family friendly environment", 2) Moments after being hostile and aggressive as heck to a non media professional, i.e. a man holding a baby, Roesgen says to the Chicago housewife "You know you really don't have to be so antagonistic."  L O L 2

What’s most striking is how savvy the protesters are about the game Roesgen’s playing: They know exactly why she zeroed in on the guy with the Obama/Hitler sign, and it ain’t because of his grasp of economics.
Journalist Robert Stacy McCain:
"I'm sorry, but when you send a reporter to cover a protest, and the reporter launches into a political argument with one of the protesters -- on live TV -- that's a new nadir of shameless bias."
Cynthia Yockey links to a Red Eye takedown by Greg Gutfeld:
Why is it MSM finds it so easy to sneer at these protesters when we've never seen them do it to the bug infested buffons protesting environmental ills or the WTO?

Well, first, these protests involve people [the MSM] have never actually met. These are average people, not professional sign carriers. Most of them work for a living and keep their marching for parades.

Also, the media abhors these people b/c they question their messiah's mission. These protesters know wealth redistribution when they see it, and they're calling it out because the media cannot bring themselves to do it for them.
Lastly, the media hates it when they can't control a story. These tea parties were hard to figure and impossible to spin.
Red Eye guest Jim Norton:
What a bunch of BABIES the media are! [...] I'm just BOGGLED that the pukey CNN reporter got mad at a guy at a tax protest!

*I've been to Wisconsin State Capitol grounds several times. I've toured the state capitol. It is possibly the most beautiful state capitol of all.


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