Monday, April 27, 2009

Barack's selective rage & evasion of responsibility = Clintonian

The military sends a couple of fighter planes near Manhattan to photograph an Air
Force One style plane. Some Manhattan residents see the planes and are frightened. Barack is infuriated:
The mission on Monday, officials said, was set up to create an iconic shot of Air Force One, similar to one that was taken in recent years over the Grand Canyon.

When President Obama learned of the episode on Monday afternoon, aides said, he, too, was furious. Senior administration officials conveyed the president’s anger in a meeting with Mr. Caldera on Monday afternoon.
Um, yeah.

Russia invaded Georgia.  Barack was not furious.  Urged "both sides" to display calm.

Europe refuses to help further in Afghanistan.  Barack was not furious.  Declared photo op victory.

Europe refuses to take Guantanamo prisoners - except France, who will take a single prisoner.  Barack was not furious.  Declared more photo op victory.

Barack has been furious enough to repeatedly attack GWB.

Barack was furious enough to direct coordinated White House attacks against Rush Limbaugh.

Barack was furious enough to attack Dick Cheney via releasing cherry picked interrogation papers which were carefully redacted to hide information about interrogations successes in preventing attacks on America.  Barack still furious enough to release more photos from Abu Ghraib.

Daniel Ortega bashed America for 50 minutes.  Barack was not furious.  Sat quietly through translated speech.  Asked afterwards his impression, thus given direct opportunity to furiously  defend American ideals, Barack did not denounce Ortega's America bashing.  Denounced the speech for being 50 minutes in length.  Must not keep THE ONE waiting in a chair for 50 minutes.

Hugo Chavez hijinks.  Barack given direct opportunity to furiously defend American ideals:  was not furious.  Said it would not hurt America to be friendly to(i.e. further legitimize) Chavez.  

Pirates.  Barack presented with opportunity to be publicly furious:  declined.  Spent time building  CYA Castle Fortress.  

So, Barack had many chances to furious defend America in situations in which he was a  protagonist and had responsibility, and he took a pass.

Now, in a situation he had no control over, knew nothing about, had no responsibility for, Barack  finally found something to be furious about.  

Right, right, right.   So right.  So Clintonian.

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Anonymous said...

Reason for delay in handling the Pirates.....The US Navy has stated that the Navy seals could have acted faster and rescued the captain of the Maersk Alabama last week, but had to wait until the White House could confirm that none of the pirates were related to Obama.