Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Katrina Pierson, Dallas Tea Party

I thought, here, about quipping that the tea partiers were all geriatric and all white and all dangerous terrorists.

However, Ms. Pierson IS dangerous to the powerful in Washington, D.C. She terrorizes them, or at least ought to, because of the millions of citizens she represents. She is unafraid to trust her own eyes, unafraid to trust her own sensibilities, unafraid to stand up and say what she believes. She's unafraid to say almost any danged thing. In that way she's like Sarah Palin, and like a rising tide of Americans who trust their own sensibilities over those of David Brooks and David Gregory and Charles Rangel and Charles Schumer. Those gentlemen are likely smart enough to realize they ought be scared.

There's a ludicrous scene, in a lot of Hollywood movies, where the protagonist's best friend has been murdered, and it is the final straw, the thing up with which the protagonist will not put, and the protagonist marches into a tall building, shoves past security guards, and threatens the bad guy: "I'm going to get you!" And the bad guy sometimes yells back (think Al Capone in "The Untouchables") "You ain't nuthin! Come and get me!" And, to me, the scene is just stupid. If you were going to get somebody, would you announce you were coming, or would you just go about getting them?   Which is why movies aren't realistic! [insert LOL]

And yet, and yet, I now feel like charging into the U.S. Capitol and shoving past security guards and yelling at the bad guys: "We're coming to get you! We are coming for you!" I feel like announcing myself in advance. And that's part of the statement which was being made at the Tea Parties: "That's it! That Porkulus is ENOUGH!  Fix it, or we are coming for your Congressional seats."

On behalf of the people who went to the Palin rallies in the fall, and on behalf of the people who went to the tea parties one week ago today:  just a Mom, just a citizen, Ms. Katrina Pierson  

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