Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What a fun blog


It chronicles a trip to Israel: the revered Pastor Emeritus (front row, second from left), recently widowed, on a trip with the new pastor (standing, third from left) + assorted and beloved church members. Nice. Nice. Nice. Love it.

The travelers attend Southern Brother's church: Jefferson Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, LA, which also serves as a church home away from home for me.

Southern Brother recommends this March 11 post:
Thoughts and Reflections.

Update: Southern Brother especially recommends this March 9 post: Reflections on the Sea of Galilee.


Southern Brother said...

Actually my favorite is Jeff's picture and description of the sunrise over the Sea of Galilee from March 9...Reflections of the Sea of Galilee...I am getting that picture for my office

Anonymous said...

I don't see Southern Brother in the picture? He didn't go to Israel and the Sea of G???? Southern, Northern, and FW Brother should go to Israel. Beautiful and inspiring. The best blog vacation to take in the world! Jesus lived there!

gcotharn said...

Would be very nice.

We need to give you an "OpenID" moniker. "Saucy Girl"? "Grace Kelly"? "Grace K"? "Overland Park" (i.e. home of beautiful women)?