Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Independent Voters and Republicans: Nowhere vs Somewhere

Listened to Hugh Hewitt radio show, and to John McCain's Karl Rove: Steve Schmidt. Hewitt asked what could be done to prevent Dems from hijacking Repub Primaries. Schmidt had no answer, but said: "I do not think we should further alienate ourselves from independent voters," then went on to describe how Repubs need to snuggle closer to such voters.

Exactly wrong. It presumes independent voters are politically astute persons who know what they believe, i.e. I agree with a couple Repub issues here, a couple Dem issues there; this is what I believe, now who is going to snuggle closest to what I believe?


Independent voters are not politically astute. Independent voters don't care much about politics at all. God bless em. They are the only sane people in America. Independent voters are busy living their lives. Every election, independent voters hear a bit of chatter from acquaintances and friends whose opinions they trust, and they might watch a speech here or there. They take their instincts about what they saw into account, and they take their respected friend's opinions into account, and they go to the polls as an expression of patriotism, and they vote.

A politician doesn't go to where these voters are: these voters are nowhere. A politician attracts these voters to come and join him where he already stands. These voters love America, but they don't have strong issue opinions. They are waiting to be wooed, waiting to be won. If you try to go where they are, you end up in the big middle of nowhere, which is exactly where this generation of damnable Repub politicians has taken the party.

Maybe Repub politicians have forgotten how normal Americans think and act. Maybe Repub politicians run across some of the few independent voters in America who truly do make cafeteria style issue selections from the left and from the right, and maybe Repub politicians assume these political astute persons are typical of independent voters. Whatever the reason, these Repubs are political fools. That many of these Repubs also believe Global Warming is real is further proof of their foolishness. Snuggle up to independent voters; global warming is a real threat! Puke.

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