Sunday, October 05, 2008

Classy: LA NOW President Endorses Palin

"America, this is what a feminist looks like: Governor Sarah Palin."

While most every NOW organization in the country has been sold out to the Dems since about, say, forever - including the old LA NOW Chapter which Tammy Bruce resigned from over that very issue: the current President of the Los Angeles Chapter - a longtime Democrat - endorses Governor Palin.

Notice the YouTube uploader throws heavy metal music over the intro. Palin's crowd has kind of a heavy metal vibe - or, maybe a modern country music metal vibe: something with energy which rattles through a body.

Senator Obama's supporter vibe is creepily reverential - it's a vibe which dare not laugh out loud, which dare not mock even the silliest Barack gaffe, or the most unctuous and pretentious, lest someone notice the focus of their adulation is a poseur.

Palin's vibe is gleefully heavy metal.

I really think McCain has a good chance. I think Barack is within range, and has a poll collapse coming. From this point forward, McCain's numbers will not sink. They will either stay the same or go up.

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