Wednesday, October 01, 2008

One way debate moderators sway perception

Ace points to a debate tactic which could be incorporated to make Governor Palin look dense. Gore did this to Bush. Ron Paul did this to McCain. To wit:

Biden studies up on easily anticipated questions, then throws an obscure acronym detail into his planned answer. Ifill then asks the question of Palin and includes a demand for Palin to comment on the obscure acronym detail Biden threw in. Even D.C. veterans would be unlikely to immediately produce a cogent answer about the detail, if they even know what it is. Bush ignored this tactic in 2000. Gore pressed the issue and looked like a bit of a bullying dilettante. This spring, McCain looked a bit dense against Ron Paul's use of this tactic.

If Palin gets an original question and throws in an obscure detail, Ifill fails to demand of Biden that he respond to Palin's detail. And that's one way debate moderators sway perception.

Here's how I think Gov. Palin should answer:

(Smilingly gives a tiny yet good natured dismissive wave)

[smiling, yet dismissively:]
I don't know what BLOVENT is.

[confident, suddenly dead serious:]
I will learn it, you can trust me on that.

[bring it home with heart and feeling]
But if voters are more interested in judging my knowledge of BLOVENT, as I stand here on this stage, than in judging whether I have the judgment and the guts to make good decisions ....[milk it, Palin is exasperated].... then God help our great nation, because we are headed for a tumble.

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