Thursday, October 02, 2008

Judicial Watch to Barack: We dare ya

to press criminal charges over this.

I have solid respect for Judicial Watch. Their video represents a shot across the bow of Barack's Missouri effort to intimidate opponents into not criticizing him.


Update: Andy McCarthy of NRO has worked as a government prosecutor - including the prosecution of terrorists. He is outraged at several Barack actions which chill free speech.

Something I read, which originally sounded off-base, yet came from a thinker I respected, so I kept it in mind for a long time, and sort of looked for evidence to prove it or disprove it:
The Left, when they gain power and begin to accomplish their goals, always end up as totalitarians. There is no other possible way for them to end up.
That assertion seems wiser as the years go on. The principles of the Left can lead nowhere else.

Do we, in the actions of Barack and his campaign, see some totalitarian tendencies already on display? Well, yeah. I'm not more exercised about it than I am about, say, the development of Rangers Minor League Pitcher Derek Holland. Government bops along, as do developing baseball pitchers, and innate corrections occur. Judicial Watch can challenge Barack in Missouri. Derek Holland can adjust the grip on his change-up. Both our system of government and the natural laws of physics will prevail.

However, do we see budding totalitarian tendencies in Barack, and in his Leftist principles of governing? Yeah, we do. It's undeniable, actually.

As is the perfect form of Rangers prospect Derek Holland. Dang he looks good. The form is vaguely reminiscent of Tom Seaver.

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