Saturday, October 11, 2008

Texas-OU calls

which you would only see in modern football.

1) From the pocket, a heavily pressured OU QB Sam Bradford took three quick steps to try and get "outside the tackles", before launching a throw away pass which landed out of bounds and past the line of scrimmage. Bradford was maybe half a step "outside the tackles", if at all, but, whatever.

Texas DE Melton raised his right arm and made a short leap to try and block Bradford's pass. After missing on his attempted pass deflection, as Melton came down from his tiny jump, he began to crouch and make a half-spin away from Bradford, so as to avoid any penalty for hitting Bradford.

Just as Bradford released the pass, a second Texas D-Lineman hit Bradford from behind and just below the buttocks. Bradford's torso made a brief reverse "C", then his upper torso snapped forward. Bradford's helmet was whipped forward for two feet of distance. Bradford's facemask actively crashed into Melton's crouching and spinning away shoulder pad.

From my TV, this looked like intentional grounding, loss of down and yardage, OU forced to punt. On the field, the call was "Roughing the Passer/Hitting QB in the Helmet", 15 yards against Texas, first down OU.

So, on a play in which Texas D-Line defeated the OU O-Line, on a play in which Texas DB's covered the OU WRs, on a play in which Texas dominated the field: referees marched Texas 15 yards backwards towards it's own goal. You would only see this call in modern football.

2) When Texas gained the ball, Texas QB Colt McCoy, who has 4.5 speed thank you very much, made a full speed sprint down the left sideline for a 15 yard gain. The OU defender angled McCoy out of bounds and then grabbed him to hold him upright. Both players were travelling extremely fast. Their momentum angled them 6 yards deep into the bench area, whereupon McCoy either slipped or took a dive - I am unsure which. The OU defender was unable to keep him upright, despite grasping and attempting to, and the ref threw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct on OU. You would only see this call in modern football.


Third down reception: OU WR momentum going towards sideline, his knee about to be down, Texas DB shoving him away from end zone. Referee gave OU this touchdown. (all photos from Yahoo)

There were several big and incorrect calls in this game, including a disallowed OU interception in the end zone, and a phantom roughing the punter call against Texas. Fans of both sides are unquestionably furious with the refs. The missed calls have been big impact, momentum shifting, game-changing calls. There have been half a dozen of them, by my count.


The game is still in doubt, but I've no doubt OU has the best team. Their team speed - all through their squad, top to bottom - is fantastic. Every coach in America wants to have the fastest team on the field. OU is flashy and pretty. Their offense is wide open, creative, and barely stoppable. Texas is nickle and diming, meat and potato-ing their way down the field. Texas is plucky. They've got a 4 year starter at QB, and it's helping them.


Photo: Quan Cosby catches a long one.

Texas WR Quan Cosby, the pride of Mart, TX, has played 4 years of outfield in the Angels minor league system. He made three body contorting, stretched out receptions in this game. Probably nothing prepares a person to catch a football so well as playing baseball. Baseball requires skills.

Photo: Quan Cosby makes 36 yard reception.

Cosby is an NFL prospect who is listed at 5'11" 205. There's no way he's 5'11. He's 5'9", maybe. He is strongly built. He used his compact body to decleat and ricochet an OU DB who was chasing another Texas WR. He caught the unsuspecting DB just under his shoulder pads. It was a spectacular hit. I'm hopeful for a YouTube.


This is a spectacular game. Bradford threw his 4th TD pass less than halfway into the 3rd Quarter. Everyone watching knew it would not be enough: to win, Bradford would have to do more. Amazing.

The sun could not be shining more brightly; the sky could not be more blue. It was 72 degrees at kickoff. This game always has perfect, spectacular weather.

Everything about this game is spectacular. This is as good as football gets.


Final: Texas 45, OU 35.

If anyone made the eventual difference in this game, it was Texas D-Line. As the game went on, Texas was able to pressure Bradford without blitzing. Sam Bradford will be back. He's a datgum sophomore. Texas defense will be back also. Texas started tandem freshman Safeties.

I think Texas could start frosh Safeties b/c Texas H/S football 1) is way better coached than it used to be, and 2) utilizes the pass way more than any state in the nation. Texas high school players participate in 7 on 7 football tourneys all summer. The state 7 on 7 championship highlights are televised on local sportscasts and sports cable networks - including in large markets like Dallas-Ft.Worth. 7 on 7 is promoted as a big deal. It's like a second season for QBs, WRs, and DBs. When fall arrives, virtually every high school in the state runs the spread offense. Players come out of high school with extreme familiarity with the passing game. They know how to watch film; how to read what their opponent is trying to do. They are, sometimes, ready to start as freshmen.

Will Alabama be the new #1? Nick Saban must be worth the exorbitant money. Tide is rolling.


your brother said...

Texas defense will get mo better every game and be taking names by bowl time because of one man: WILL MUSCHAMP Nobody in todays college game better than him on the defensive side of the football...just watch closely the havoc he will cause opponents

gcotharn said...

Hey bro!

Good point. I said OU was the better team b/c of team speed. However, in retrospect, Texas might be the better team because Texas was better on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Texas defensive line, especially, won the day more than any other unit. As the second half wore on, and the time arrived to win or lose the game, Texas defensive line won the game.

I wonder how good Texas really is? Previously, I would've said they could not now get by the threesome of Missouri, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State. Now, I wonder: might they defeat all those teams? I just don't know.

One thing which is frustrating is that USC, despite playing a schedule of Lilliputians(including a weak Ohio State squad), will now get a free pass into the BCS Title Game. Rah, USC. Kick Univ. of Arizona's derrierre. You are so powerful, USC.

Balderdash. I say send TCU to the LA Coliseum in their pristine all white road uniforms. The spartan white uniforms will emphasize the David vs. Goliath effect. If USC can defeat TCU, then, maybe, I can stomach USC in the BCS Title Game.