Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Megan or Megyn?


or Megyn?

Megan Fox was the female lead in "Transformers", and is the female lead in "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People". I do like her photo above. However, why is she in front of bookshelves? Does she read a lot? What subjects? Why is she wearing that outfit for reading? Is it hot in that room - other than, you know, exactly in that chair? So many questions.

Though Megan is fetching, in a bookish "Is it hot in this room?" sort of way, Megyn(!) is the smart chick of my heart.


BAC said...

Hookup: Megan

Relationship: Megyn

gcotharn said...

Yeah. I'm all into Megyn, and into: it's all about the interesting person. Yet, part of what I like about the Megan Fox photo is the overt projection of sexual power, almost as if she is a huntress who is using her femininity as a weapon. Maybe not every starlet in a pose brings quite what Megan brought to that photo moment - which is why that photo is interesting to me, whereas most starlet photos lately strike me as "meh".

And, also, what type books DOES she read? I want someone to ask her. She might give an interesting answer.