Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama Campaign Donation Fraud

What else is new?

We've already seen massive evidence that Barack is a fraud on multiple levels. 1, 2, 3 We already have much experience watching Dems openly discard ethics in favor of winning. We've already read stories of Barack illegally accepting foreign contributions, and of Barack supporters paying for their friends to make contributions on the friends' debit cards. We've read stories, this week, of Obama Campaign workers coming to Ohio from FL and NY, flopping on dorm room floors, voting early for Obama, then going back to FL and NY after approx. 1-2 weeks worth of campaign work and voting for Obama. link Who says these persons only voted in their own names? There are enough fraudulent voter registrations in Ohio to blanket the entire state in confetti. ACORN is attempting to steal Ohio in plain sight - as well as Florida, Pennsylvania, and other states.

Over the last decade, U.S. Government has subsidized ACORN to the tune of $31M. Inside the $800 Billion financial bailout a couple of weeks ago, Dems attempted to additionally subsidize ACORN to the tune of $200M. ACORN exists to elect Dems via voter fraud.

But this isn't about ACORN. This is about the Obama Campaign committing fraud in a business as usual fashion. Just win, baby. Don't bother about law, or about right and wrong.

Allahpundit: Fraud!
Powerline: Fraud!
Ace: Fraud!
Geraghty: Fraud!
Mark Steyn: Fraud!
Patrick Ruffini - head of internet activity for Bush 2004: Fraud!

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