Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Succinct Debate Review

Boring. I blame Brokaw. Too wonky.

Barack loves to say: "... and that's why I have consistently said ... [yada yada yada]."

The only person who talks like that is someone who hasn't consistently said a damned thing.

What was that McCain stuff about buying down mortgages? Grrrr. McCain! Dang it. Sometimes, it's hard for a conservative to like McCain. Lots of times.


Paul Gordon said...

Blogger GW (at Wolf Howling) said...
"This debate format was a real town hall format the way the Salvation Army is an actual army."

I couldn't help thinking that myself.
They mentioned that they received thousands of questions from the audience and from the internet, but they ALL had to pass the filter of Tom Brokaw.

Michell Malkin gets off some nice ones once in a while. Her latest:
Who was the Obama plant at last night’s debate?
had the following ...
**** ****** e-mailed me the answer:
“The Obama plant was Tom Brokaw.”

Har. Indeed. From my liveblogging last night:

Brokaw gets rolled again: “I’m just hired help here.”
Obama: “You’re doing a good job, Tom.”

Might as well have called him “sweetie.”

gcotharn said...

All funny comments - esp the Salvation Army thing. I've been thinking part of the problem was the tight time limit on answers. This discouraged interaction and byplay between the candidates and the persons who asked the questions. And Brokaw still looks bad to me tonight.