Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cowboys Go Undefeated!

Win Final Game 40-14
Improve Season Record To 7-0

Bro64 is coach on left, Youngest Nephew in headband

With 1:20 minute remaining in the first half, and the Cowboys ahead 8-0, my nephew made his second interception of the game, returning it for a TD. The boys call this a "Pick Six". Double click for details.

Update: Nephew provides his own diagram - more accurate than mine. His run begins at top and ends at bottom. If you really focus on this run, you can see it is spectacular. He made three specific cut/jukes, and was hotly pursued all the way.

In the second half, playing QB, Nephew threw a TD pass on a play called "Brady to Moss Stop and Go". Later, playing RB, he faked a reverse hand off and scored on the diagrammed rushing play. He was the orange RB. Click for detail.

Nephew made other plays in this game which contributed to his team's victory. Nice job!

The really neat thing about my nephew is that he also achieves some "Pick Six" results on school tests. He is a threat to "Pick Six" in Math, Reading, Spelling, Social Studies, and Geography. He is a Quintuple threat. Kudos.

Cowboys Win!
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