Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debate: Game Changer

The Return of Sarahcuda

She kicked his ass, and in so doing shoved it in the face of every East Coast journalist.

She may have pushstarted McCain down a road which leads to victory.

Some polls are about to change.

Final thought:
What Palin did tonight - in terms of connecting with main street Americans - was Reaganesque. Neither Reagan nor Palin worried overmuch with answering moderators' questions, nor with providing answers filled with minute details. Why should Sarahcuda have played the tunes Gwen Ifill or Joe Biden wanted to dictate? Of course she should have played her own tune, and she did, brilliantly, given the circumstances and pressure of the moment. She exceeded almost everyone's expectations, except her parents.

Frank Luntz focus group: Palin in a blowout

Video of Peggy Noonan at MSNBC: "She killed."

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