Friday, October 31, 2008

How low will Barack go in his definition of "rich"?

Paraphrasing Neil Cavuto speaking to a Dem. Congressman yesterday:
When I covered the Obama Campaign last year, they defined the rich on whom they would raise taxes as those earning $1M or more. As the Dem. Primaries went on, they redefined rich as $500K. Then they lowered their definition to $250K, and now they are lowering their definition again to $200K. Why would the American people not be suspicious that they will go even lower?
Karl Rove later showed up, and he and Cavuto did the math re additional FICA taxes, et al, and they determined "the rich" under Obama would be paying out 51% of their income in federal taxes, even before various state taxes were added on.

The RNC has picked up on it this with this ad:

Kinda makes ya go: No Merci Beaucoup...

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