Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why Barack = Socialist

Cutting checks to nontaxpayers = Socialism

It is true Congress has twice done this as part of "Economic Stimulus" packages during the Bush Administration. In both instances, Congress was wrong to do so.* What is different, now, is that Barack plans this as Standard Operating Procedure. Once Barack's SOP is in place, which Washington politicians will have the guts to some day rescind the practice?

What's really insidious is that Barack presumes Joe the Hopeful Owner of a Plumbing Company will never earn $250K, and further presumes Joe knows it. Barack believes The American Dream only exists for Ivy League grads with connections. Barack does not believe opportunity is the antidote to human misery.


Rudy Giuliani on Greta last night:
Redistribution of wealth: this is not American. What's American is being rewarded for working hard, and not being punished for your success.
If your earnings are being mailed to nontaxpayers: you are being punished.


* Checks were also cut during the Carter Administration. The practice is a proven failure at stimulating the economy.


Webutante said...

Carter gave us so many lasting gifts that have kept on giving: socialistic fiscal policies, the CRA and of course the current political structure in Iran.
I can hardly wait to see what Carter2 will provide us and our children.

gcotharn said...

Ugh. Barack is domestically to the left of Carter, and shares the Carter foreign policy quirk of agreeing with our enemies about best policy. Double ugh.