Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cowboys Win!

Yesterday, Cowboys defeated Giants 40-6, improving their season record to 5-0. My youngest brother is the coach on the left. My youngest nephew is a star player. My nephew, despite having only 4 rushes and 6 pass receptions on the season, has scored 5 offensive TDs. He has also returned 2 interceptions for TDs, and has thrown 3 TD passes. Which is my nephew?

Nephew hint: click to enlarge, then look for a big smile.

The league coaches agreed that each player in the league would play QB at some point during the season. The Cowboys let every player play QB during every game. During the season, every Cowboy gets to rush the ball, throw passes, and catch passes. So far this season, 9 of the 10 players have scored a TD. Those are excellent accomplishments. They require disciplined coaching, and disciplined work during practices. It's a credit to the boys that they get that practice work done. Youth sports teams do not get much practice time.

On the season, the Cowboys defense has outscored opponent offenses: scoring 8 TDs on interception returns, giving up only 4 TDs to opponent offenses. Overall, Cowboys have outscored opponents 168-33.

Here is a Cowboys play. Click to enlarge, then read the handwritten play instructions. On this play, my nephew is the red QB.

Nephew photo hint: headband.

Here is a play where nephew gets to run the ball. He is the orange RB:

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