Wednesday, July 08, 2009


A good day to be alive!

Let's mark the occasion with this from The Anchoress:
Something wonderful, from dear friend Sarah, who writes:
On July 4th the Boston Red Sox had a young man sing the Star Spangled Banner. He was somewhat disabled and there were other youngsters in the same condition with the players around the field as well those as standing near the batter’s box. He only sang a few notes when you realized he was not a renown vocalist. A few bars more and he missed a word or two, there was some laughter and it was laughing with him, he and the lady with him were smiling.
Then…50,000 voices gallantly streamed in…!

And let's celebrate with this unnecessarily profane yet nevertheless funny add:


And let's celebrate by reading this Bloggess post, which gives a feel for growing up in the Bloggess' family in rural West Texas. A sample:
Also, I figured that my dad had stored the cannon somewhere during the day because I didn’t remember seeing it before that night but then when I was developing my pictures I noticed that the picture I took of the chickens has the cannon in it and I didn’t even notice it. Because that’s the kind of backyard they have. One where a cannon doesn’t really stick out. Also, it smelled weird there but I was used to that because the Taxidermy Shop is next door but then Victor pointed out that there was a dead bear on a table that had been raised up with chains to like 10 feet above ground....
She has a photo of the bear on the table. It really is suspended about 10 feet in the air.

Final note: The Anchoress has another video, from Pixar, which is inspirational genius, if you are interested in being inspired, and if you have 5 minutes. Her comments about the video are also inspired.

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