Friday, July 17, 2009

Glenn Reynolds on Medical Research and Markets

Your healthcare used to be between you, your Doctor, and your insurance company. In future, Barack wants your healthcare to be this:

Org chart
For Obamacare,
Click the pic,
If you dare...

He or she will not be "your Doctor" any more. They will be the government's doctors.

Kevin Brady created the org chart:
The plan is expected to cost $1 trillion dollars over 10 years.

I examined the plan and released a detailed flow chart highlighting the 31 (at current count) departments, agencies, and programs that will administer the proposed Democratic government-run healthcare bureaucracy.

Another critical factor, explicated by Glenn Reynolds in The Washington Examiner
I exaggerate, but . . . well, maybe I don't. The truth is, despite the great promise of new medical technology out there now, in terms of new cancer treatments, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and more, the potential marvels of the next twenty years will never be developed unless some developer thinks there's a market.

And with bureaucrats in charge of deciding what treatments to pay for, the existence of such markets will be much less certain. Oh, sure, federally-funded medical research will still go on at the NSF, NIH, etc. But turning that research into actual products is a different story.

My family benefited from innovative treatments that probably wouldn't be around if the United States had adopted socialized medicine when that was first proposed over half a century ago. In 20 years from now, a lot more treatments -- and, probably, dramatically better treatments -- won't be around if we adopt a national healthcare program now.

It's ironic that the same Democrats who were pushing the medical prospects for stem-cell research during the last election are now pushing a program that will make such progress far less likely.

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