Thursday, July 16, 2009

Am honored to be quoted at La Gringa's Blogicito


La Gringa took the quote from a 44 comment thread (re Honduras) which lasted for 10 days at a left blog, in which I stood like a comment thread sheriff facing down the bad guy in the dirt street. That comment thread followed another thread at the same blog, in which I counseled a right side commenter to be patient until facts became apparent, as I believed all parties would then agree on what ought be said and done. Problem was, when facts became apparent, the left commenters ignored the facts.

That thread was the reason I was later able to show evidence Zelaya wished to overthrow Honduras: I had accumulated the data during the previous 10 days. When End Zone commenter "Bud" spouted off some bull, I reacted like a cantankerous blogger who had lost all patience for showing mercy: By God, that's enough! I'm gonna give what you got coming! No warnings! No politeness! Don't bring that weak @#$% in here no more!


ACUConservative said...

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La Gringa said...

Thanks, Greg, and thanks for trying to talk some sense into people who just don't want to know the facts.