Monday, July 13, 2009

Patting Myself On Back re Nelson Cruz

Update: Nelson Cruz finished in second place. A nice performance. Prince Fielder is a deserving champion.


On Opening Day, I predicted Nelson Cruz would win the MLB All Star Home Run Contest:
By July, when Nelson Cruz** wins the Home Run Contest: every knowledgeable baseball person and every unknowledgeable media hack will recount how they always knew Cruz would be a star. Every one of them. Watch for it. They knew it all along. They never doubted Cruz. They'll tell you, then, after the fact.
Well, tonight's the night for Nelson Cruz to fulfill his predicted destiny, and for media commentators to recall how THEY ALWAYS KNEW NELSON CRUZ WOULD BE A STAR. Heh. Meanwhile, pre-contest, I'm patting myself on the back like crazy. I have confidence. Unleash Nelson Cruz!

A thought on the Home Run Contest tending to ruin swings:

Nelson Cruz was born with a fly ball swing and preternatural power. Therefore, I doubt the Home Run contest will ruin him. He is pre-loaded with a Home Run Contest swing.

The Home Run contest ruins line drive hitters who try to muscle up and demonstrate their manhood. Nelson Cruz is like a lumberjack: strong all over. He doesn't have to demonstrate his manhood. He could pick up the other contestants and toss them halfway to the pitchers mound, and everyone already knows it (and thats why the players voted him to the cusp of the All-Star Roster, allowing him to make the team when Torii Hunter was injured). He could win Home Run Contest if he gives even a routine Nelson Cruz performance. He doesn't need to "step up". He only needs to control his adrenaline and his nerves, and perform to his normal level.

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